Weather Line 2: New Features & Changing to Subscription

It’s coming soon! Next month our huge Version 2 update will be released with an all-new design, awesome new features, and a change to subscription pricing.


You may not know this, but every time you open Weather Line we buy the weather data you see. So Weather Line actually loses money when customers love the app and use it for 6 years – Oops.

Apps with usage-based recurring costs (like weather apps) are exactly the type that should be using subscription models. But costs are not the main reason we are switching to subscription pricing: Features are.


For the last 2 years we’ve been working behind the scenes to make sure that Weather Line 2 deserves subscriptions by overdelivering on new features and setting us up for a faster pace of development. Some of the features include:

  • unparalleled weather data solution

  • all your top feature requests

  • totally rethought navigation

  • tons of customization

  • 2 industry-first features


There is a Free plan for those who wish to continue using our core features with limited ads, plus some of the new 2.0 features.

Our Pro plan is called “Supercharge” and includes a 7-day free trial, all the new features, and no Ads. It will be $1.99 per month, $0.83 per month ($9.99 billed annually), or $44.99 for a lifetime unlock.


Anyone who ever bought Weather Line 1 will get their first year of Supercharge at 50% off - just $4.99 (less than 50 cents per month).

We think you’re going to be stunned by the next evolution of Weather Line and can’t wait to show you soon. Thank you for the journey thus far and the new journey to come!

⚡️ Ryan and Deepak

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