People say I'm great at making charts.

Many are behind a corporate wall, but you can see some examples on my site I am Concise, and featured by Daring Fireball, Techmeme, and MG Siegler. Once, Ellis Hamburger even called me the "chart maestro"!

Weather data is an opportunity to combine this skill and my love for iPhone. There are roughly 40 important variables to show, multiple time slices, always changing data, and only a small screen.

Current weather apps accomplish this with tables and lists. Leaving you to parse, then digest, and then mentally build a forecast in your head. We want to build it for you. To accomplish this we created the "Weather Line". It shows the temperature, condition, and surrounding context. It works perfectly for all time slices - hourly, daily, and even monthly.

Give it a try. Weather Line will instantly earn a place on your home screen.