Where does it work? 

Everywhere, worldwide.

Is it accurate? 

Extremely accurate – just look at the raw data!

We use the world's most accurate data, forecast.io – it can predict rainfall to the minute. On top of that it collects from 18 different weather sources across the world. (Update 12/20/13: Now 19 sources!)

How much does it cost?

Accurate weather data is not cheap and we want the app to be downloadable by all – So we set the price at just $2.99 to cover our costs and to make it possible for almost everyone to enjoy.

Celsius? 24 hour time formatting?

Yep! and Yep!

Do you use "Background Refresh"? 

We tested and considered it deeply. However, weather data actually changes too rapidly. If we updated in the background, we would still have to update again when you launched the app. So then we would have just been wasting your battery with a background update that we never used. The best experience comes by refreshing data as fast as possible when you launch the app. And we did, it's very fast. 

How can you help Weather Line? 

If you love the app, please share it with friends! Word of mouth is really the only way for indie apps to survive. Thanks so much for helping.



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