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Weather Line, has become my primary weather app. I find the temperature graph (hourly, daily, monthly) to be an incredibly useful visualization. How warmly do I need to dress today? What should I pack for this trip?

- John Gruber, Daring Fireball


One look at it is enough to make you fall in love with it.

- Beautiful PixelsPreshit Deorukhkar


What sets Weather Line apart is how it streamlines weather data to a simple interface element: a line.

- Federrico Viticci, MacStories


One of my favorite aspects of Weather Line is the frequent attention to detail that is displayed throughout the app.

- App Advice, Daniel Celeste


I beta-tested Weather Line (and even contributed two tiny lines to the design!), and I really like the hourly graph and overall visual style.

- Marco Arment 


Often, I care about the weather more in the future (versus right now, which I can actually see and feel already), and that’s exactly what this one specializes in. 

 - MG Siegler


Weather Line is simple, delightful, and very responsive. It feels right at home on iOS 7. And the icon is fantastic.

 - Shawn Blanc  


If you are looking for a more comprehensive, simple to use, easy to understand alternative to the stock weather app on iOS 7, Weather Line is just the app you need.

 - 9to5MacSarah Guarino


Most weather apps for iPhone fall into one of two categories - minimalist or feature packed. Weather Line is one of the first ones I feel is actually a happy middle ground.

 - iMore, Allyson Kazmucha