Lock screen Widget


  • Rapid access without unlocking your phone


  • Much more useful than just the current temp


  • Trend line provides obvious context


  • Collapse to save space







  • 48 hours of the most accurate weather data on earth


  • Individual hourly icons show the exact condition and temperature


  • Trend line provides obvious context


  • Deep details for each hour when selected








  • Glance at your week ahead (actually, 8 days).


  • One vibrant line with daily high temperatures and conditions. It's like seeing the future.


  • Gray line shows nightly low temp and conditions centered between the correct days.


  • Day of the month







  • Perfectly plan travel and vacation


  • Average Hi and Lo temperatures


  • Average rainfall


  • Details when you need more, like ski vacation planning


Dark Sky Rain Prediction

  • state-of-the-art forecasting to predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute


  • Clear text summary


  • Beautiful graph shows precipitation intensity


  • So accurate it's scary.


  • US, UK, parts of Canada, Ireland, and more soon.